Hi dear…

Lamaaaa bangeeeet ga nulis disini, saking password-nya kelupaan and ilang. Thanks to Wicak Hardhika Putra, yg masih keep ni password. Anyway, busway, honestly, sometimes I really miss my old times… with my crush, my ex-boyfriend (oops!), my besties…

Masa laluku dulu itu ternyata sangaaaat seruuuu…dinamis! Colorful banget! Kalo bisa dianalogikan seperi pelangi, kayanya warnanya lebih meriah deh..hehe..

Kenapa suddenly aku kangen banget sama masa laluku, barusan abis baca email dari Anang di tahun 2001, dan itu lucuuu bgt! Hahaha..gilaaa yaaa..dulu gw bisa tergila-gila sama cowo-cowo cuek, dan ketika ternyata suami gw secuek yg dulu gw idam-idamkan, mendadak gw merindukan sosok sensitif, caring dan romantis..OH NOOOO!

What a weird…this is life, anyway! Hahaha….Nobody is perfect!




Angin tolong sampaikan pada hujan yang membasahi seluruh muka bumi ini .. bahwa aku mencintainya…meskipun bukan cinta yang menggebu-gebu..meskipun bukan cinta yang menyerupai cinta seorang kekasih pada pasangannya…meskipun bukan cinta yang dipenuhi hawa nafsu….tapi jujur aku mencintainya…aku lebih mencintainya jika dibandingkan dengan cintaku pada si kemarau, tentunya dengan porsi yang tidak berlebihan…sungguh, ketika dia turun, begitu terasa hawa romantis dan suasana syahdu yang tercipta secara spontan dan indahnya…aku mencintaimu hujan…terima kasih kau datang di waktu yang saat tepat….saat panas begitu terik menyapaku.. 🙂

My ‘ME’ time

Ke samping

Since I’ve been through my new role as a mom, so there is so little time for me to take my ‘me time’..It doesn’t matter actually, as long as my baby alright. I can say that after become a mom, so the priorities should change to our kids. All the things become another priorities..

Hmm..so do you want to know what kind of my ‘me time’ I need after I become a mom? My ‘me time’ is actually so simple. I just need to sit down in front of my notebook, than writing like what I’m doing now in my private blog, while listening to my favorite songs with an earphone. Of course I only can do this after my baby already sleep..sleep with tight…

Yeah, for now, spending time in salon is something very luxury for me, even just want to creambath or cut my hair..it is so expensive things for me..but it’s ok. It’s nothing compare to spending my little time with my lovely baby guy 🙂

Wrote : 1 Nov 2010


I’ve lost my productive moment..


Well, it’s not because I’m pregnant actually, of course I’m so grateful for this big gift from Allah..

But in the meantime, I don’t know why, is it because the hormon or something, I become more more more lazier than before. It seems like, do not know what should I do then? My job isn’t so clear, my contract, my future still in grey area..

I’ll become a mom! Yes! Only that one of a reason to make me happy now. But also afraid, am I ready to this?

My job, I do still need this job, though I’m sure my husband will take the full of this responsibility, but I feel that I should still find my own money for my self and baby..

But, what makes me worry is…I don’t have a maid…I need a maid to help my homework..how if me back to work? What about my baby? Oh God..

Actually now my feeling is in dillema…

In one side feel so happy but another side feel sooo….confuse..Please help….don’t know what to doo…. (*_*)

27 July 2011


Seems like this is my worst birthday ever since I came to this world..There’s no birthday wishes from my besties in college, there’s no presence of my husband plus he doesn’t even remember my birthday at all…

Poor me..probably my best thing is only I have Bhagas in my life, in my 29th birthday. I still have friends in the office who support me and help me reduce my *galau*..haiyah…

Well, just take the positive side, don’t ever hope beside from Allah. That’s all, eventhough my husband is a good one, I’m sure, but it doesn’t mean he has no weaknesses. Lots of, but just see the positive side from him..

I can say, that thank you Allah for still give me a fresh air, give me live, entrust the mandate to have Bhagas at my 29th 🙂

I love you Allah, more than anything..more than my lil family, because only You who never make me feel disappointed 🙂

When everything seems OK but actually it’s NOT..

Long time no see you my darling..

These  latest days I’m just so busy with my stuff, I mean my new role as a mom.. Maybe about four months since my beloved son came to the world..Anyway, I do really grateful  to Allah for this gift, but then…the temptation is begin..

There are so many additional work for me actually these days, but I was faced with a very difficult choices..So difficult until I can’t choose anymore..therefore, I prefer my son as my priorities, although actually I really need the rewards..

But then, after I re-think again, may for now my greatest gift is my son. So many couples out there who really miss a baby, why should I don’t take is as a gift and just doing my new role which is really fun and a greatest job ever…

Hopefully I can be a good mom for my son..amiin.. 🙂